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    "I'm counting on you to vote for me in the upcoming election.
    Remember, the Sauce is in all of us." - Sushila Pereira

    Don't Wait. Get on the voters list and be ready for Oct. 22, 2018

    One of the greatest rights we have in Canada is to have your say. In Ontario, this right is one of the pillars that ensures democracy in our local Municipality and School board elections.

    Inspire others to create

    In Oakville, we have an exceptionally talented community of people with skills in marketing, technology, design, fashion, music, real-estate, sports and art.


    I want to hear from all of you.

    A Brief History of Sushila's Experience

    Community is everything

    Sushila is a well organized, articulate and detail oriented professional. With over 10 years of administrative experience and after recently graduating from an addictions & community services course, she is well equipped to lend herself to a hard working environment. Motivated by the opportunity to help others, Sushila's kind and open demeanor meets the needs of individuals who have experienced misfortunes and who seek guidance in their lives.


    Sushila can relate to hard work, loyalty and understanding, with wisdom, knowledge, culture, equality and her undaunting faith in God. Family values, strong morals and principles remain an important factor in her life and her generous attitude creates a pleasant atmosphere.


    Sushila enjoys public speaking and travel.

  • Schedule of Events

    What's Easy isn't Always Right, and What's Right isn't Always Easy.


    July 25, 2018: 5.30pm-7.30pm

    Day 1: Meet candidate Sushila Pereira at this welcome meeting for all community members at:
    River Oaks Community Center 
    2400 Sixth Line, Oakville, ON


    Aug. 25, 2018: 5pm-7pm

    Day 2: Less than 60 days away from voting. Open session and round table discussions on our community needs.


    October 22, 2018: 9am-6pm

    Day 3: Election Day. Make the Sauce matter.

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    Sushila Pereira, Ward 5, Oakville, ON

    Oakville, ONTARIO